Thursday, August 4, 2011

Crockpot raspberry chicken

3 cups rice
6 cups water
6 chicken bullion cubes
Mix in crockpot

4 chicken breasts cut up ( I used tenders)
1/4 c dejion mustard
1 tsp ground ginger
12 oz raspberry jam
Mix together and add to rice in crockpot

Add 1 cup of pineapple chucks without juice (or just a little juice if you dont like pineapple chunks)

Cook on low 3 hours or until juices are absorbed and chicken is cooked to 170 degrees

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  1. Chicken Cacciatore

    2 Onions
    4 boneless chicken breasts cubed
    3 garlic cloves, minced
    1/4 tsp pepper
    2 tsp dried orgegano
    1 ts. dried basil
    2 15oz diced tomatoes
    8 oz tomato sauce
    4 oz sliced mushrooms

    Place Onions on bottom of slow cooker. Add remaining ingredients. Cover & Cook on Low 8 hours.

    Chicken Enchiladas

    Cube chicken
    Slice 1 onion
    Cook Chicken & Onion

    Mix & heat
    4 Cans of cream of mushroom
    2 cups of salsa
    1 cup sour cream
    1 cup of shredded cheese

    Add sauce to cooked chicken
    Add meat mixture to tortillas, sprinkle with cheese
    Cover tortillas with mixture

    Cook 350 until warm. Sprinkle with cheese the last 5-10 min.